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Paralla is an intuitive crypto app. Enter the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. Buy, sell, save, invest but first of all enjoy your crypto.

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What can you already do with Paralla today

Buy and sell crypto just like you shop online.

Both, our website, and mobile app are intuitive and friendly – no matter your experience level. We made sure that buying or selling a crypto won’t be a problem for anyone at all. Just pick the cryptocurrency you want, enter the amount, confirm the transaction, and set the bank order. As easy as that.

1 Create an account
2 Connect your Trezor crypto wallet
3 Buying crypto? Pick a cryptocurrency and pay in the way you prefer
4 Selling crypto? Pick a cryptocurrency and enter the desired amount

Letter, cheques, parcels... but now even cryptocurrencies.

Thinking about entering the world of crypto for the first time? Are you looking for a fast and secure way? We’ve partnered with Slovak post so you can buy crypto at more than 1,500 post office locations all over Slovakia. Pay in cash, by card or with your smartphone. Moreover, you can buy crypto in amount up to 9 999 € with no need to provide source of funds.


1 Create an account
2 Connect your Trezor crypto wallet
3 Pick a crypto you want to buy
4 Visit one of 1500 Slovak post office locations and pay for your crypto

Scan to pay your invoices in crypto

Do you already own a crypto and wish to use it more often? No problem. Thanks to Paralla you can now use crypto to pay your regular invoices. Just download our app, scan a QR code on the invoice, choose your wallet and your expenses no longer have to bother you.


1 Create an account
2 Connect your Trezor crypto wallet
3 Scan a QR code and pay the invoice

Saving in crypto can be as simple as a piggybank.

Never heard of saving in crypto? It works like it sounds like it would and as the crypto grows so can your savings. Try our CryptoPiggy savings feature and see it for yourself. It’s easy as pie. Your crypto is securely held in your wallet while the piggy is fed regularly.

1 Create an account
2 Connect your Trezor crypto wallet
3 Setup CryptoPiggy savings account and watch it grow

The number of functions in our app grows each month. Be the part of it.

Today Paralla can help you to buy and sell crypto, pay invoices in crypto or to save money in your favorite cryptocurrency. It’s a great foundation but we aim much higher. Our mission is to make crypto available to everyone and we are constantly working on new functions. Sounds good to you? You can belong to those who will be informed about new improvements among first.

But that’s not all. We value our clients and fans, and we often organize competitions, announce favorable offers with our partners and inform about topics you’ll seldom find in the media.

If you want to receive first-hand information or get part in the competitions leave us a contact. Who knows, maybe it will be you who will win Trezor hardware wallet.


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Supported cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Cash

Don’t have a wallet yet? Choose Trezor - The most secure one.

If you don’t have a crypto wallet, look no more. We strongly recommend Trezor – one of the most secure hardware crypto-wallet on the market. Trezor stores your crypto on a hard drive and you’ll be the only one having keys to your crypto.

Moreover, we’ve partnered with Trezor so adding a wallet to your account is straightforward and will take just one click.

Trezor One White

Trezor One Black

Trezor Model T

Entire Paralla universe at your fingertips.

Entire Paralla universe at your fingertips.

Thanks to our mobile app, you can access your crypto anytime and from anywhere. The app works on Androids as well as on iPhones.

What makes Paralla stand out in a crowd?

All-in-one solution
All-in-one solution
Paralla is the most complex crypto app on the Slovak market.
Your money is as safe as houses with Paralla.
Strong foundations
Strong foundations
Our team consists of best people around having experience in finance, crypto and IT field.
Ease of use
Ease of use
Paralla is easy and intuitive - no matter your experience level.

Paralla team

Our team consists of best people around having experience in finance, crypto and IT field. All of us are Paralla – a digital platform for buying, selling, saving, or investing in crypto.

We are known as CryptoDiggers – the pioneers of crypto in Slovakia, authors of payment gateway CDPay, crypto ATMs and CryptoPiggy savings.

Peter Bešina
Peter Bešina
Peter, one of the founders of Paralla, is not unknown to the world of crypto. His experience comes from years of working in both finance and IT industries having delivered many successful projects related to crypto. Convinced crypto anarchist and active member of Paralelna Polis community.
Miroslav Ivanovič
Miroslav Ivanovič
Legal and Compliance Officer
Miroslav and his team are responsible for legal compliance. His background in software development makes him understand what goes on the servers thus protecting your rights in the world of crypto.
Rastislav Nowak
Rastislav Nowak
Rastislav is a keen investor who specializes in viable and innovative projects in early stages. He is particularly strong in the areas of decision making and financial planning.
Peter Godányi
Peter Godányi
Business & Product Development
Peter is well experienced in running the business in several fields. He was in charge of many successful projects and is now responsible for Paralla’s product development, sales, and new business activities.

We wouldn’t make it by ourselves.

Many thanks to our strategic partners for making Paralla happen.

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With Coin Radar you have access to all the places where crypto payments are accepted as well as places where you can buy the crypto at your fingertips. Take a look if your favorite restaurant or store is on the list or find the crypto ATM in your area.


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